TZHS PTSA Membership

Dear Parents/Guardians, Teachers and Students:

The Tappan Zee High School Parent Teacher Student Association welcomes you to the current school year.  The PTSA is a vital part of Tappan Zee High School and is involved in many aspects of the student’s educational experience.  We provide scholarships, organize Project Graduation, participate on staff interview committees and provide assistance wherever we can.  Parents, teachers and students are encouraged to join and participate.

The membership dues are used to fund parent and student enrichment and various activities for TZHS students, teachers and parents.

TZHS PTSA is a member of National PTA and NYS PTA. As a member of TZHS PTSA you will be a part of the largest child advocacy volunteer organization in the United States. You will learn about important issues affecting students in our school and community and have access to PTA resources and materials via the National PTA website (

Membership Dues: $15 for Parents and Teachers, $5 for Students.

We meet once a month at 7:30 p.m. in the TZHS Library. Dates are published on the district calendar and on our event calendar. Please check on our event calendar for any updates and changes.

Each meeting includes a report on the “state of the school” by the Principal, a review of upcoming events and a monthly agenda.

Sign up and become a member today!

Volunteer Opportunities – whether you can join or head up a committee or just give a few occasional hours to bake, buy some refreshments, or help out at some of our events, the TZHS PTSA can use your help! Check out our list of various committees. You can get in touch with the committee chair to find out more about what is needed to make that event, program or activity succeed!

2018-2019 TZHS PTSA Committees


TZHS PTSA Executive Committee

President Jeannie Irizarry
1st Vice President Sherese Loblanco
2nd Vice President Matthew Schwartz
Treasurer Kristina (Tina) O’Keefe
Recording Secretary Heidi Hill
Corresponding Secretary Allyson Sullivan

TZHS PTSA Committee Chairs

Audit Deborah Schwartz
Sharyn Rubino
Fundraising OPEN
Hospitality OPEN
Legislation OPEN
Membership Debby Schwartz
Nomination OPEN
Project Graduation Nicole Glazer
Reflections Helena Bardusco
Scholarship Dawn Haughey

TZHS PTSA PTA Council Delegates

PTA Council Delegates 1 position, OPEN
Theresa Costello

TZHS PTSA School/District Delegates

Building Level Team Karen Mignone
Sharon Rubino
Clare Heatley
Cirriculum Council OPEN
Health & Safety Committee OPEN
Interview Committee OPEN
Professional Development OPEN
School Board Reporter OPEN
Technology Committee Joey Gottlieb
Wellness Committee Lori Gallo


Term of Office – Whether an elected officer or an appointed chairperson, terms of office are for periods of ONE (1) year as stated in the TZHS PTSA unit bylaws. One can serve a maximum of TWO (2) consecutive years in an office or as chair of the same committee. It is the responsibility of the chair to mentor new members of your committee so that they can take over the chair when your two years have elapsed.

Descriptions of Positions & Committees

President – The President is elected by the local unit members to direct the affairs of the association in cooperation with the other members of the Executive Board, or where applicable, the Executive Committee for a term of office specified in the unit bylaws.

Vice President – A Vice President may be called upon at any time to assume temporarily the place of the president. The President may assign the Vice-President/s various duties, some of which may be defined in the unit Standing Rules or bylaws. Vice-Presidents are required to attend all meetings.

Treasurer – The Treasurer, as authorized custodian of the funds of the unit, receives and disburses all monies as prescribed in the unit bylaws or authorized by the action of the unit. The Treasurer should issue a receipt for all monies received.

Recording Secretary – The Recording Secretary is responsible for keeping accurate records of the proceedings of the association and maintaining a permanent file of these recordings. S/he is responsible for bringing a copy of the current membership list, bylaws, previous minutes, and budget reports to each meeting, as well as seeing that the minutes are posted in a timely manner on the district PTA website.

Corresponding Secretary – The Corresponding Secretary is responsible for notifying all members of the PTA Board and membership of upcoming PTA meetings as well as handling all correspondence for the unit.

Committees – A committee can be one of the most productive tools of the PTA. The primary function of a committee is to take on a task, brainstorm and follow through on the set goal. The committee members have a direct impact on the quality and success of the committee. There are two kinds of PTA committees: Standing Committees and Ad Hoc or Special Committees. Standing Committees are committees that perform a continuing function and remain in existence permanently. Ad Hoc or Special Committees are created to accomplish a short-lived goal, activity or project. These committees are dissolved when the job is done. In both cases, the committee members are in need of the valuable assistance of volunteers. Only members of the PTA unit shall be eligible to serve on the Standing Committees. Committee members’ opinions must represent what is good for all students. The Committee Chair or designated representative is required to give a report at the monthly PTA meeting and is responsible for keeping records of committee activities and procedures. All committees listed below are Standing Committees, and their Chairs sit on the Executive Board of their unit.

Audit – Auditing involves examining financial records and transactions to ensure that receipts have been properly accounted for and expenditures have been properly authorized and recorded in minutes in conformity with PTA bylaws, standing rules and budget limitations. Financial records should be audited at least once a year. An audit assures the membership that the association’s resources/funds are being properly accounted for and managed within the regulations established for their use.

Fundraising – According to National and State PTA guidelines, this committee organizes programs and events to raise money to fund enrichment programs for students, parent education, and PTA leadership training. The committee is responsible for selecting fundraisers, presenting them to the PTA unit, and following through on all aspects of the work of the committee.

Hospitality – One of the most important committees on every unit level because it is the work of this committee to make every person who attends a PTA unit meeting feel welcomed and included. Providing refreshments is one aspect, but welcoming people as they come into the meeting, providing name tags and facilitating introductions of new members to old are all possible means of creating an inclusive PTA unit. These efforts are especially important in the beginning of the year, during Meet the Teacher Night and encouraging new members to keep engaged in PTA.

Legislation – PTA is the largest grass roots organization promoting the welfare of children and youth. The legislative representative keeps the unit informed of current government issues regarding children with concern to PTA’s effective participation in local, state, and national government. The representative presents (once a year) a legislative slate from the State PTA to be voted on by our association. The representative then goes to the State Convention and participates in the state election and votes representing their respective SOCSD PTA unit.

Membership – The primary purpose of this committee is to promote and encourage membership in the PTA unit by developing and implementing creative membership campaigns. A yearly calendar of activities, beginning with a September membership launch, arranging for membership tables and volunteers at each meeting, school event, or activity to sign up new members, collect dues, maintain an up to date list of all the members and deliver all membership cards and directories. Membership is responsible for keeping the membership list updated and available at every unit meeting, ensuring that all unit officers, delegates to Council and committee chairs are current members of the unit in which they serve, and meeting deadlines for the reporting and payment of dues.

Nomination – The purpose of the nomination committee is to recognize and seek qualified nominees for the elected leadership of the PTA/PTSA. The nomination committee members have the responsibility of bringing forward the name of the most eligible person for each elected position. In considering which PTA members are the best qualified to serve in the officer positions, the nomination committee must evaluate each nominee with fair, ethical, and impartial judgement based on the nominee’s skills, qualifications, and the level of priority and commitment in the best interest of the PTA/PTSA unit.

Project Graduation – Project Graduation is a program offered by many high schools in the United States, in which organized, adult-supervised and alcohol-free activities are offered as part of a post-graduation party, in lieu of student-run events with alcohol or drugs. TZHS Project Graduation is an all night event at the high school filled with lots of music, great food, and a variety of activities such as volleyball, basketball, ping pong, video games, table games, karaoke, obstacle course, jousting, old fashioned photo booth, a comedian show, and raffle prizes given to the graduating students of Tappan Zee High School as a commitment to keeping TZHS graduates safe following the graduation ceremonies. The committee organizes the program with the senior class, school administrators, parents, local businesses and organizations to create a memorable celebration for the TZHS graduates.

Reflections  – The National PTA developed the Reflections Program in 1969, to interest children, parents, teachers, and communities in the arts. The Reflections Program and Themes Search are open to all students who attend a school where there is a PTA/PTSA/SEPTA in good standing. There is a new theme each year, and six categories: literature, visual arts, photography, dance choreography, film/video and musical composition. The committee organizes the program by sending notices of the theme and encouraging participation to all students.

Scholarship – This scholarship committee is responsible for fundraising scholarship money from private contributions and each SOCSD PTA/PTSA unit. The committee coordinates the scholarship application process with the school administrators and organizes the selection process, awarding scholarships to TZHS graduating seniors.

PTA Council Delegates – The Council Delegates are representatives from the elementary, middle, and high schools of South Orangetown Central School District who sit on the PTA Council as a member of the voting body. Council meets once a month to address issues that are pertinent to the entire district, and serves to provide information about the process and policies provided by PTA and how they can support the unit membership.

School/District Delegates – The School/District Delegates are PTA/PTSA parent representatives at a school or district level committee in the South Orangetown Central School District. It is a federal requirement that any district receiving Title I funds (NCLB) must have a written parent involvement policy, developed with and approved by parents. PTA/PTSA parent representatives to SOCSD School/District Committees are appointed, with the approval of the unit Executive Committee or Board, to serve as the unit representative to the district committee. The representative must be a current member of that PTA/PTSA unit for whom s/he is designated on the committee. The charge of the representative is to bring forward the concerns of her unit and/or unit members to the District Committee and report back to the unit the news of the work of the committee. The appointment is for one year. It is up to the unit president to determine whether the same person will continue to serve in subsequent years, based upon fulfillment of their duties to the unit.

Building Level Team – The Building Level Team meets monthly to define and discuss building-based issues, programs, and activities such as construction, wellness, regents, orientation, curriculum proposals. The committee meets from 3:10pm – 4pm at the principal’s conference room.

Curriculum Council – The Curriculum Council is a standing advisory committee to the Superintendent that has as its primary goal the ongoing improvement of the district’s educational program. The committee meets 4 to 5 times per school year at the SOMS Library from 4pm – 5:30pm.

Health & Safety – This committee maintains an ongoing communication with families regarding health issues (physical, mental and emotional well being) at every grade level. Information provided by the National and NYS PTAs on Health should be made available to families during regular unit meetings, unit newsletters and websites. Concerns of parents and staff should be addressed by this committee and shared at the unit meetings as well as represented at the district Wellness Committee when applicable. The work of the committee can include playground facilities, character development, sleep deprivation, recess, drug and alcohol abuse, depression or any issue that falls under the large umbrella of health. The committee meets monthly at Greenbush Academy (623 Western Highway, Blauvelt, NY  10913) at 4pm to bring forward and resolve concerns that impact health and safety of our students and school employees, building by building to ensure optimum health and safety throughout the South Orangetown Central School District.

Interview – The School/District Interview Committee Delegate participates in the district staff new-hire interviews as needed for the South Orangetown Central School District.

Professional Development – The Professional Development Plan (PDP) is a requirement of New York State Education Commissioner’s Regulations. It’s purpose is to improve the quality of teaching and learning by ensuring that all teachers participate in substantial professional development to meet the learning needs of their students. The committee meets 3 times per school year at the SOMS Library from 4pm – 5:30pm to review activities directed at achievement of PDP goals and recommend adjustments or changes in the PDP.

School Board Reporter – The School Board Reporter attends school board meetings and reports back to the unit on the issues addressed at the BOE meetings.

Technology – The SOCSD District Technology Committee is a standing committee comprised of teachers, students, administrators, parents, and community members who meet to explore existing and emerging technologies and curricula and evaluate their relevance to the District. This mandate assures that the District stays current with new and emerging technologies, measures the progress in adding new technologies into existing curriculum, and reports findings and recommendations to the appropriate parties. The technology committee meets 4 times per school year at the SOMS Library from 3:15pm – 4:15pm.

Wellness – The Distrcit Wellness Committee reviews and implements the District wellness policy for the South Orangetown Central School District as required by the Child Nutrition Reauthorization, as mandated by NYSED.

All district committees are open to the public. Anyone may attend any meeting but it is up to the committee to determine whether you may speak or ask a question as a guest. Visit for more information.